About Chris City

What Is Chris City?

Chris City is a persona, created by myself (Chris Fornesa), as a part of my broader CftxP persona. Chris City was crafted as an online persona for me to share my musings and, primarily, serves as a mode of expression using the written word. Under the domain of Chris City are three Tumblr blogs: my main Tumblr blog (@cftxp), QTI World (@qtiworld), and my poetry blog (@theartistpoet).

  • The Fornesa Log (@cftxp) is my oldest, yet the most personal, of my blogs as it showcases my personality and the things that influence me, in terms of inspiration, rage, etc.
  • QTI World (@qtiworld) is a surprisingly successful Tumblr that gained its popularity during Tumblr’s glory days (prior to its December 2018 censorship of accounts). My only goal with it is to continuously create a safe space for queer, trans, intersex (QTI) identifying humans.
  • The Artist Poet (@theartistpoet) is a budding creative blog that focuses on my poetry.