About Myself

My Educational Background

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My name is Christopher Sugatan Fornesa and this is my educational background. I am an alumni of Houston Community College, where I earned my first college degree, an A.A. in Liberal Arts – General Studies (with a 4.000 GPA and highest honors) and a Digital Communications – Web Publishing Certificate (with a 3.750 GPA), ending my HCC career with a 3.949 cumulative GPA. I continued my undergraduate career at the University of Houston where I earned a Bachelor of Arts in Liberal Studies, with minors in Business Foundations (and an associated Corporate Entrepreneurship Certificate), Political Science, and Studio Art.  For that degree, I also graduated with a 4.00 GPA and the summa cum laude honor.  Currently, I am attending a school that I will leave unnamed (for the sake of my privacy and to avoid reprimand from my school for having political views that contradict their own) where I am pursuing an MS in Information Technology, with a concentration in Software Design and Management.  I took 4 three-credit undergraduate-level prerequisites: Computer Science I, Computer Science II, Statistics, and Networking Fundamentals.  I also took a three-credit graduate-level prerequisite course where I learned many business fundamentals, as well as a graduate-level “Overview of Computer Security” course.  So far, I have maintained a 4.00 GPA, with a withdrawal from a different class due to ongoing personal health issues that were, unfortunately, such extenuating circumstances that I was not able to catch up with my work in that course.

I am passionate about making the world a better place by integrating my skills, abilities, and the experience that I will continue to attain throughout the rest of my life.

My Mission: What I Want To Do In Life

I am a creator who wants to inspire people to find the best within themselves through my creations and my story.

I am an ambitious person and I am determined to make something of myself. I make many websites about myself because I want to remind myself that I have already gained success in my own way. I am a queer man, an autistic person with other disabilities, a Pinoy (Pilipino) and an American, a low-income person who has degrees of OCD, anxiety, and depression. The claim that my life is easy by anyone on the outside looking in is honestly being offensive to who I am as an individual and others like me. However, I am not a victim either. I will never accept victimhood from societal, patriarchal, normative mores in society because I believe that I can be a changemaker in this society and I want to use my platform to improve the lives of other marginalized people who feel left-behind. I do not believe that the things that define me are afflictions but, rather, a part of my personhood. Being gay, autistic and Pinoy with beautiful Brown skin gives me a true sense of the minority experience: I am a Brown, disabled, queer man of color and all of these characteristics are a part of who I am and inseparable from my person.  Thus, taking any of these characteristics away from anything else that identifies me would be an insult to my humanity. Being a low-income individual, whose family was middle-class until the recession, shows me first-hand that, unfortunately, money does buy opportunity and those without it have little-to-no say in the things around us. Having OCD, anxiety and depression are, indeed, struggles and I do not consider these things to define who I am, but these conditions have allowed me to seek the truth of myself and what I want to do in life. While I, indeed, struggle as a queer, disabled person of color, I have become determined to let the world know who I am and what I am capable of. My mission is simply to do my best in a society that’s rigged against my very personhood.

I want to study political science, the law, art, and computer science at various points of my life. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to learn more about political science and the law, art and business during my undergraduate studies and to, now, have the opportunity to learn about Information Technology and software development.  I want to do these things because I dream big. My vision involves success as an artist, success as a programmer/software engineer, success as a self-advocate (and as one for others) and an activist. While my IT curriculum is all but difficult, my creative inspiration is what drives me to learn, because I can use code, and I have used code, in my art.  And while it may seem unattainable right now, I believe that I can make a huge difference in this world.  I feel as if I am destined to live a full life with a career that combines my interests that will give me fulfillment. Ideally, I will fulfill all of these things and more!

Stay tuned, of course, this is only the beginning of my journey.  I am only 25 after all.